Math Activities

Play with Shapes

Your child is learning about shapes—circle, triangle, rectangle, square, oval, cone, cylinder, and sphere, and the words that describe them—corner, curved, point, round, side. As you see shapes at home or outside, ask your child what shapes he or she sees and ask how he or she knows what each shape is.

At home, draw or cut out shapes together, asking your child to describe each shape. Make everyday objects into different shapes—napkins, paper placemats, signs, decorations, and cookies. Arrange toys into various shapes on the floor.

Position Words

Play games with position words, too. Play “I Spy” and describe the position of an object, such as, “I spy a triangle (a piece of pizza) next to the milk.” Your child will guess the object. You will be reinforcing both the shape and the position words, next to. Take turns playing the game with your child. Use other words such as on, above, below, beside, top, middle, bottom, up, and down.