Activities at Home

Longer and Shorter

You may need to show your child how to hold the crayon up against the side of the finger in order to trace around it.

What You Need:

  • Drawing paper
  • Crayons

What You and Your Child Will Do:

  1. Have your child place a hand close to the top of a sheet of drawing paper and use a crayon to trace around the littlest finger.
  2. Fold the drawing paper in half the long way. Write the word longer at the top of the left half. Tell your child what you are writing.
  3. Point out the length of the finger as it appears in the tracing. Ask the child to look around the house for things that seem to be longer than the tracing. Have the child carry the paper through the house and draw these longer things in the space below the word “longer.”
  4. Now write the word shorter at the top of the right half of the paper and tell the child what you are writing.
  5. Send your child on a search again, this time to find things that are shorter than the tracing of the little finger. Have the shorter things drawn in the space below the word “shorter.”
  6. Ask the child to tell you about the drawings and tell whether each seems to be longer or shorter than the tracing.

More to Do:

Place another sheet of drawing paper on the floor and have your child step on it barefoot. Offer help in tracing around the foot with a crayon. Then talk about the length of the foot as it appears in the tracing. Write the words “longer” and “shorter”, each on another sheet of paper. Have the child search for household items that are longer and shorter than the foot tracing and draw them on the corresponding sheets of paper.