Activities at Home

What Is an “Hour”?

Help your child understand that an hour is a span of time, not just a number on a clock.

What You Need:

  • Alarm clock (analog or digital or both, if available)

What You and Your Child Will Do:

  1. Draw your child's attention to the clock as it is about to show the time exactly on the hour. (Or, set the time on the clock right now so that it shows the time on an hour.)
  2. While looking at an analog clock, have your child read the number to which the minute hand is pointing. Your child should know how to tell the time as “—o'clock” if the minute hand is pointing directly at a number at the same time that the hour hand is pointing to 12.
  3. On a digital clock, a number followed by “: 00” also names the hour. Your child should be able to read the time to the hour on this kind of clock, as well as on an analog clock.
  4. Set the alarm for one hour from right now.
  5. Explain that the alarm will ring in exactly one hour. Then, before the alarm rings, ask your child to predict when the hour will be up. (Be ready to hear “Is it an hour yet?” after only a few minutes have gone by and, perhaps, several more times before the alarm actually rings!)