Activities at Home

Shoe Sort

Everyone in the family can contribute to this activity just by taking off their shoes!

What You Need:

  • Shoes belonging to family members, in various styles, colors, and sizes

What You and Your Child Will Do:

  1. Arrange the shoes randomly, with pairs separated.
  2. Have your child match each shoe to its mate in order to make pairs.
  3. Point out that the pairs of shoes are different from one another. They differ in size, shape (or style), and color. And, the shoes belong to different members of your family.
  4. Help your child to sort the pairs according to size. First, hold up a pair of small shoes and establish that they are small. Put that pair on the floor at the left side of the room.
  5. Now, ask your child to find a pair that seems to be big. Have the child put this “big” pair on the floor at the right of the room.
  6. Help your child to sort the rest of the shoes, putting them in the “big” or “small” group.
  7. Your child can now sort these same pairs of shoes in other ways: according to shape or style (for example, sneakers/not sneakers or laces/no laces); and then according to color (for example, white/not white or all one color/two or more colors).