Activities at Home

Percent means “Per Hundred”

Our monetary system is based on 100. So, comparing the values of kinds of currency is an easy way to reinforce your child's understanding of percent. (After all, a percent is no more than a ratio, a comparison of a number to 100!)

What You Need:

  • Money and Percent Worksheet (PDF file)
  • Actual bills and coins of as many different denominations as you have available, or play money from children's games (optional)

Help with Opening PDF Files

What You and Your Child Will Do:

  1. With the worksheet in front of your child, ask your child to identify the coin with the value equal to:
    • 50% of the $1 bill
    • 20% of the quarter
    • 10% of the dime
    • 5% of the $10 bill
  2. Now ask the child to identify two bills, one with the value equal to:
    • 50% of the other
    • 25% of the other
    • 20% of the other
    • 10% of the other
    • 5% of the other

More to Do:

Do you have any other country's currency available? Or, is your child willing to do research to find out about another currency? If so, challenge your child to try to answer these same questions about the other currency. If these questions do not apply to a particular currency, work with your child to form new questions.