Activities at Home

Family Lineage

Help your child make a list of five relatives. Then encourage him or her to keep these five relatives in mind while estimating along the way.

What You Need:

  • Customary or metric ruler, yardstick, or meter stick

What You and Your Child Will Do:

Read aloud the following.

Suppose that five people in your family went to the beach one day. Now suppose that they all lay down on the sand head to toe, forming a line along the shore. About how long would that line be? (Give your estimate in feet, yards, or meters.)

More to Do:

Ask your child to tell how he or she determined an answer. (Did the child measure everyone and then add the heights?) Now have your child actually measure these five relatives with the metric ruler, yardstick, or meter stick. Have them add the lengths together. Now tell them to compare their estimates with the actual measurements. Finally, ask them about the accuracy of their estimate. Was it close to the actual length of the line? Did they overestimate? Underestimate?