Activities at Home


“Read” dominos as decimals and whole numbers. Then add up the values, but don't go over 5!

What You Need:

  • Set of dominoes
  • Paper and pencils

What You and Your Child Will Do:

  1. Pick up a domino and hold it sideways. Point out that the numbers of dots can be read as a decimal. For example, you can read the 1–3 domino as 1.3 or 0.13. If you turn it around, you can read it as the decimal 3.1 or 0.31.
    dominoes with 3,1 dots and 1,3 dots
    (Of course, this same domino could be read as the whole numbers 13 or 31, but each of these is greater than 5—too high for this game!)
  2. Turn all the dominoes face down.
  3. Have your child pick a domino and place it face up on the table. Let her or him decide how to read the domino and start keeping score by recording that number.
  4. Explain that everyone will pick 5 times and record a value for each pick. As the game is played, each player keeps a running total of his or her values. Players try to get a sum close to 5 without going over it.
  5. Take turns picking dominoes, recording the values and keeping the running totals, until all players have selected 5 dominoes.
  6. Whoever gets a sum closest to 5 without going over it gets a High-5!