Activities at Home

Family Ratios

Your child knows that a ratio is a comparison of two numbers or two amounts. Some ratios, like the ones your child will write today, compare a part to a whole.

What You Need:

  • Pencil and paper

What You and Your Child Will Do:

  1. Have your child express some family facts as ratios! For example, suppose that you have 10 shoes on your shoe rack, but just 4 of them are blue. Your child could write the ratio of blue shoes to the total number of shoes in any of these three ways.

     4 to 10
     4 : 10
    four to ten

    They look different, but you read each one as, “four to ten.”

  2. Challenge your child to write ratios about
    • family possessions — like the number of one family member's shirts to all shirts in the house
    • family characteristics — like the number of left-handed family members to all family members
    • family aspirations — like the number of family members who want to visit a theme park to all family members going on vacation

More to Do:

Have your child scrutinize the pantry and/or the refrigerator to find ratios in the kitchen! He or she may be able to write a ratio to compare the number of cans of soup to all canned goods, the number of boxes of spaghetti to all boxes of pasta, or the number of apples to all fresh fruit.