Activities at Home

Measuring Up

Metric or customary, whichever units of measure your child uses, will reveal a surprise about how we all “measure up”!

What You Need:

  • Tape measure (with either customary or metric markings)
  • Paper and pencil

What You and Your Child Will Do:

  1. Extend your arm and ask your child to use the tape measure to find the distance around your wrist. Have him or her record this measurement (either in inches or centimeters) in a chart like the one below.
  2. Now have the child measure the distance around your neck and record it.
  3. Help the child to find his or her own wrist and neck measurements.
    Name Wrist Measurement Neck Measurement
    Dad 6 in. 121/2 in.
    Me 5 in. 10 in.
  4. Encourage other family members to participate so that their measurements can be added to the chart.
  5. Now tell your child to compare each person's wrist and neck measurements and then to compare these measurements with other people's measurements. Challenge the child to find a pattern. For most people, the wrist measurement is about half that of the neck measurement.