Activities at Home

Toss a Decimal

Before you begin this game for 2 players, decide who will toss for “heads” and who will toss for “tails.”

What You Need:

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What You and Your Child Will Do:

  1. Begin Round 1 by taking turns tossing one of the coins until all 10 have been tossed. (Leave each coin where it lands, heads up or tails up.)
  2. Keep a tally of which way the coins land in the “TOSSES” column of the scoring sheet.
  3. Then, find each score for the round by writing the heads and tails tallies as decimals. Circle the greater decimal.
    In the example below, 6 out of the 10 tosses came up “heads.” That's six tenths, or the decimal 0.6. Only four tenths, or 0.4, of the tosses came up “tails.” So heads wins the round.
    heads and tails summary
  4. Play a total of 10 rounds. The player who wins the greater number of rounds, heads or tails, wins the game. (Or, you may want to circle the lesser decimal in each round and play so that the player who wins the fewest rounds wins the game!)