Activities at Home

How “Long” Is a Kilometer?

Can't measure the distance in kilometers? Use the equivalent number of miles instead (1 mile = 1.6 kilometers).

What You Need:

  • You, your child, and anyone else who wants the exercise!
  • Wristwatch
  • Bikes, if available
  • A printed copy of this page

What You and Your Child Will Do:

  1. Identify a street corner or landmark that is 1 kilometer from your home. If you use the odometer in your car to measure the distance, point out the numbers on the odometer both before you start out and after you reach your 1-kilometer goal. (Alternatively, you may wish to take a 1-kilometer-long bus ride.)
  2. Drive directly home from your goal, having your child keep track of the time it took you to drive the 1-kilometer distance and record it on this chart.

    How Long It Took To Travel 1 Kilometer
    How We Went Time
    by car  
    by foot, fast pace  
    by foot, normal pace  
    by bicycle  

  3. Back home now? Either now, or another time soon, walk at a fast pace together back to your goal. Check the time when you leave home and have your child check it again when you reach your goal to figure out how long the walk took.
  4. Bike the 1-kilometer distance together if you can. Time and record this trip, too.
  5. Based on how long it took to get 1 kilometer away from home, talk about how long it might take to get to other places that might be about 5 or 10 kilometers away.