Activities at Home

Take License!

Your child may want to do this activity by looking at license plates from different states.

What You Need:

  • A close-up look at license plates
  • Paper and pencil

What You and Your Child Will Do:

  1. Walk with your child along a sidewalk next to some parked cars. (Or, walk along a street on which cars are parked in driveways.)
  2. Tell the child to look carefully at the license plates to find those with more numbers than letters.
  3. Have your child record the numbers that appear on several license plates, ignoring the letters. For example, for the license 563D208, your child would omit the “D” and write 563,208.
  4. When you get back home, have your child read aloud the numbers from left to right. For example, for the license above, your child would read, “five hundred sixty-three thousand, two hundred eight.”
  5. Finally, have your child compare all the recorded numbers by pointing out the greatest and least numbers of them all.