Activities at Home

Book Mark

This number-search game will give your child practice in identifying odd and even numbers.

What You Need:

  • Books of about 100 pages each (one for each player)

What You and Your Child Will Do:

  1. Turn to the last page in each book. Ask your child to read the page number. Establish that the book has about one hundred pages.
  2. Explain that the two of you will each call out page numbers. One of you will name the odd numbers and the other will name the even numbers. (Let your child decide who will name the odds and who will name the evens.)
  3. With a closed book in front of each of you, let your child begin by naming either an odd or an even number between 10 and 100 (or between 10 and the last page number of the longest book).
  4. Now, without looking at the page numbers, each of you should open your book to the page named.
  5. Compare the page numbers to which each of you turned. See who got closer to the number named.
  6. Whoever got closer gets to call out the next odd or even page number, and the game continues.