Seeds Grow

Do you know which of these seeds:

  • there is a picture of a pile of black seeds with white edges
    © Photodisc/Getty Images.
  • there is a picture of two black seeds within a segment of a white heart shaped fruit
    © PhotoAlto/Getty Images.
  • there is a picture of acorns
    © imagebroker/Alamy.

will grow into:

  • an oak tree?stuff here
    © Authors Image/Alamy.
  • sunflowers?stuff here
    © Brand X Pictures/Getty Images.
  • a pear?stuff here
    © Ingram Publishing/Alamy.


The part of a plant that has a new plant inside it.

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  1. Which of these plants make food for people to eat?
    Answer: The pear tree and the sunflower plant make food for people to eat.
  2. What kind of a seed does the oak tree make?
    Answer: An oak tree makes acorns.
  3. What kind of an animal might eat the seeds of an oak tree?
    Answer: Answers may vary but could include a squirrel.