Marvin and Friends

comic book page with a group of animal friends playing in the mud.

Image: A zebra, a groundhog, a raccoon, a hippopotamus, and a squirrel are playing in a mud puddle.

The zebra says, “We're making mud pies!”

The hippo says, “Why stop there? People make whole houses out of mud.”

The zebra says, “Why stop at a house? Let's build a castle!”

Image: The animals are building a large structure in the mud.

The squirrel says, “We need a watch tower.”

The groundhog says, “These walls will protect our castle.”

The raccoon says, “A supply of mud balls always comes in handy.”

The zebra says, “All done!”

The squirrel says, “Wait till Plush sees this!”

Image: Stormclouds approach, and it starts to rain on the mud watch tower.

The hippo says, “How lovely!”

The raccoon says, “Come inside where it's warm and dry.”

The raccoon says, “And now for the rain…”

The zebra says, “Oh no, our castle's melting!”

Image: The mud watch tower softens, and the animals are left standing in the mud puddle.

The squirrel says, “All that hard work for nothing.”

The raccoon says, “Look, Avery! It's an Abominable Mud Pottom!”

The hippo says, “Oooh! I've always wanted to try a mud bath.”

The zebra says, “Squishy! Fun!”



Not at all pleasing or agreeable.

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  1. What happened to the mud castle that the characters built?
    Answer: The mud castle was rained on, and it lost its shape and became a pile of mud again.
  2. What process that you learned about in Lesson 2 caused the mud castle to become a pile of mud once again? Tell which process you think it is. Then write a sentence or two to explain why you picked one process instead of the other.
    Answer: The mud castle was destroyed by erosion. It was erosion, not weathering, because in erosion, soil is carried by wind or water and moved to another place. The rain softened the soil and moved it back to the ground.