Caring for Earth

In your child's science class, we've been studying Earth and its materials. You and your child can think of ways to save water, energy, and paper in your home.

What You Need

A dripping sink, a note is taped to the wall that says, “Don't Forget: Turn Off the Water!”

What You Do

With your child, talk about ways to save energy, water, and paper. For example, you can turn off lights and water when you are not using them. You can set up a recycling bin for newspapers and magazines. Work with your child to make and post signs around your home, such as “Turn Off the Lights” and “Recycle Paper Here.” Encourage all family members to follow the advice on the signs.

What Happened?

Talk with your child about how the signs are working in your home. Discuss whether the family is saving water, energy, and paper. Help your child understand what can happen if everyone cares for Earth.