Observing the Night Sky

In your child's science class, we've been studying the weather, the seasons, and the sky. You can help your child learn more about the night sky by studying it together.

What You Need

A sketch of he night sky with a full moon.

What You Do

On a clear night, go outside with your child and find a comfortable place to sit. Look at sections of the sky one at a time. Let your child point out the Moon and the stars. Look for common constellations, such as the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, and Orion. Work together to draw the Moon and some of the star patterns you see.

Back at Home

Take the data you've collected, and research to find out more about what you observed. See if you can identify constellations or any planets you may have seen. You may want to plan another night of observation after you've learned more about objects in the night sky. Your child can take the drawings and findings to school to share.