Salt and Pepper

How easy is it to mix salt and pepper? How hard is it to separate a mixture of salt and pepper? You learned in science class that a solution is a special mixture in which two or more kinds of matter are evenly mixed. Doing this activity will help you understand that there are easy and hard ways to separate matter.


Containers of salt and pepper, a bowl, a glass of water, a toothpick.


Mix a tablespoon of salt with a tablespoon of pepper in the bowl. Stir until the two substances are evenly mixed. Use the toothpick to separate the pepper from the salt. Is this an easy way to do the task? Why or why not? Now mix in some water with the salt and pepper and let the mixture sit for a few minutes. What happened to the salt and the pepper? Ask a family member to help you pour the mixture through the filter.


Which part of the mixture was separated by the filter? How could you easily separate the solution of salt and water?