Hanging Solar System

In science class you learned about the planets in our solar system. You probably remember that Earth is the third planet from the Sun. But do you remember the order of the nine planets in our solar system? You can make a mobile to help you remember their order and their characteristics.


Cutouts of planets hanging from strings.


You and a family member can use paper plates to make models of the planets in our solar system. On the back of a plate, write one major characteristic of a planet. For example, you might write that Earth is the only planet known to support life. Color and decorate the inside of the plate to look like the planet. You might glue on rice to show craters, or string to show rings. Make two holes about 8 centimeters (about 3 inches) apart on the edge of the plate, and string yarn through them. When you finish making models of all nine planets, hang them in order near a lamp, which represents the Sun.


Use your solar system mobile to remember the order of the planets. Play a matching game with members of your family. Read the description on the back of a planet model and have someone else tell you what planet it is.