Supermarket Seeds

In this activity, you and your family members will learn more about the life cycle of a plant by growing plants from supermarket seeds.


A small pot with sprouting flowers, a spray bottle on a table by a sunny window.


Follow this procedure for every kind of seed you collected: Fold a paper towel into quarters. Moisten the paper towel with water so that it is damp, not dripping wet. Place the paper towel in the plastic container. Put several seeds on the paper towel. Cover the seeds with another folded and moistened paper towel. Put the lid on the container. Use masking tape and a pencil or pen to label the container with the date and the type of seed. Check the seeds every day. Make sure the paper towels stay moist. Look carefully at the seeds as they sprout. Use a magnifying glass to get an even better look.


What did you notice about the different seeds? Did they all sprout at the same time? Did they all look the same? Could you classify the plants into different groups based on the way the seeds sprouted? Why or why not? How would you classify them?