Animal Needs

Animals of all shapes and sizes have the same needs—food, air, water, space, and shelter. You have been learning about the needs of animals and how animals meet their needs. You and your family members can observe how animals meet their needs right in your own neighborhood!

Animal Where Is the Animal? What Is the Animal Doing?


Ask an adult to take a walk with you. Bring along a pencil and a small pad. You might also bring along a magnifier and binoculars, if you happen to have them. Observe animals in your backyard and around your neighborhood. Look under rocks and bushes, and in the branches, trunks, and roots of trees. Observe what the animals are doing and how they interact with their surroundings. Write down or draw all the observations you make.


Where did you observe animals? What were they doing? Which animals were doing things to meet their needs? Did you observe any shelters? What were they like?