Click & the Kids

comic book

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Image: Liz is pointing to the sky and talking to Martin, Amy, and Click.

Liz says, “I'll show you. First we have to find the Big Dipper.”

Amy says, “I know where that is! It's hanging over the stove.”

Image: Liz is looking at a drawing pad with a picture of the Big Dipper. Amy, Martin, and Click look on.

Liz says, “Right. But this dipper is up in the night sky. It's a pattern of stars that forms a picture of a dipper like the one in the kitchen.”

Martin and Amy say, “Connect the dots!”

Image: Liz holds the drawing pad, and points to the Big Dipper constellation in the sky. Martin points at the Big Dipper too, as Amy and Click look on.

Liz says, “At this time of the year, the Big Dipper is upside down. Can you see it? Three stars in a row for the handle and four for the bowl.”

Martin says, “I see it! I see it!”

Amy says, “I see it, too, but I wouldn't have thought of a dipper. It looks more like a spatula, maybe, or a fly swatter.”

Click says, “Hmmm. The ‘Big Spatula’ just doesn't have the same ring.”


  1. Have you ever gone outside at night to look at the stars?
    If so, what did you see?
    [anno: Answers will vary.]
  2. Any group of stars can form all kinds of different pictures. Make a new picture from the stars used to make the Big Dipper. On a piece of paper, draw the stars used to form the Big Dipper. Now draw a new picture using those stars. You have just made your own star picture! [anno: Students' drawings will vary. Students should use the stars from the Big Dipper.]