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Image: Liz is pointing to the sky and talking to Martin and Amy. Amy is imagining an old sailing ship.

Liz says, “How about the North Star? That's a lucky one.”

Martin and Amy say, “Why?”

Liz says, “Because for hundreds of years it's guided sailors and explorers and people lost in the forest. If they could find which direction was north, they could figure out where they were.”

Image: Liz, Martin, and Amy stand in sillhouette against the large night sky and stars.

Amy says, “But, Liz—look at all those stars! I don't even have that many Lego pieces! How could we ever find just one particular star?”

Image: Liz is pointing to the sky and talking to Martin, Amy, and Click.

Liz says, “The North Star is the one star that never changes its position in the sky. And there's a special way to locate it.”


  1. Have you ever gone outside at night to look at the stars?
    If so, what did you see?
    [anno: Answers will vary.]
  2. Any group of stars can form all kinds of different pictures. Make a new picture from the stars used to make the Big Dipper. On a piece of paper, draw the stars used to form the Big Dipper. Now draw a new picture using those stars. You have just made your own star picture! [anno: Students' drawings will vary. Students should use the stars from the Big Dipper.]