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comic book

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Image: Grandpa E. gives Amy a stick shaped like the letter Y.

Grandpa E. says: And here's an ingenious invention—a babysitter for your fishing pole.

Amy says: Babysitter? I thought Liz had the day off.

Martin says: That looks like the letter Y.

Image: Grandpa E. sits down in a chair and falls asleep as Amy and Martin continue to fish.

Grandpa E. snores: ZZZZZZZZ.

Amy says: Whew! It's been ten minutes. I don't think there are any fish here.

Martin says: Or Grandpa E.'s snoring is scaring them away.


  1. What kind of animals live in this pond?
    [anno: The animals that live in this pond are frogs, dragonflies, ducks, herons, and fish.]
  2. What kind of baby animals are in the pond?
    [anno: There are ducklings and tadpoles.]
  3. What time of year do you think it is? Why? Write a sentence or two for your answer.
    [anno: Answers may vary between spring and summer. Students should assume it is one of these two seasons, as there are animals that have given birth to babies. The area around the pond is green.]