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comic book page about the snakehead fish.
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PERSIA: Yes! And they can breathe air and walk on their fins from pond to pond. They can survive on land for 3 or 4 days.

PERSIA: And all the while, they keep eating and growing bigger and BIGGER! I've even heard that Frankenfish may attack humans!
NOAH: Wow, I never realized invasive species could be so dangerous. Maybe I should take these guys home.

NOAH: Maybe I better cut down on their food, too. Just a little.


  • invasive species: A plant or an animal that is not normally found in a particular habitat.

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invasive species


  1. You read some facts about fish in Lesson 2. How is the snakehead fish different from a regular fish?
    [anno: The snakehead fish can live out of water for a few days.]
  2. Why is the snakehead fish a problem?
    [anno: The snakehead fish is a problem because it eats so many other animals.]
  3. What has the government done to get rid of snakehead fish in the United States?
    [anno: In Maryland, government authorities poisoned all the fish in the ponds to make sure they killed any snakehead fish living in them.]