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Personal Narrative:

One focus of Ramadan is helping those who are in need. Have students describe a time when they gave someone a helping hand.


Grades K–5: Art/Social Studies
Images of Islam

Celebrate Ramadan with children by having them color these Islamic images.

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  • ColoringPage_4 (PDF file)
  • ColoringPage_5 (PDF file)
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Grades 1–3: Art
Holiday Scrapbook

Have your students look through these “snapshots” of Ramadan from an online scrapbook that belongs to Sue Ellen from the Arthur series. Then have each of them draw a picture illustrating a family holiday moment. Hang the pictures around the room to display a class Holiday Scrapbook.

Grades 1–4: Art/Social Studies

You and your students can decorate your classroom with a mosque mobile.

Grades 1–4: Art/Social Studies

Ketupat are special rice dumplings that are often eaten at the feast that ends Ramadan. Students can make a ketupat card in honor of Ramadan.

Grades 1–8: Language Arts
Holiday Cards

Have children create their own Ramadan greeting cards.

Grades 3–8: Social Studies
Spotlight on the Skies: Holiday Recipes

Have each of your students bring home a booklet of traditional Ramadan recipes.

Grades 5–7: Social Studies
A Season for Giving

Help students recognize that different groups of people have celebrations unique to them, and identify on a map countries where Islam is practiced.

Grades 6–8
A Month for Giving

Giving to the needy is an important part of Ramadan. Help students learn the true meaning of giving by organizing a bake sale to benefit a local charity. Students can create posters announcing the sale and bring in baked goods from home. Have the class vote on where to send the proceeds from the sale.

Grades 6–8: Science
What Is a New Moon?

Ramadan starts with the sighting of the new moon. If your students don't understand what a new moon is, you can help them learn with this fun activity.

  • Lunar Lollipops

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