Weekly Reader Connections

Teacher Guide: Lesson 6.7

The Weekly Reader Connections feature on Kids' Place Houghton Mifflin Math provides your students with additional information about the topics that appear in the Curriculum Connection feature in their student books.

The article “If the Shoe Fits... It's Art?“ discusses a sneaker-as-art exhibit that was held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Encourage students to think about what characteristics of sneakers might be considered to be artful.

The Word Wise activity is geared to encourage students' understanding of both the noun and verb forms of words. Students write each of the Word Wise words on a sheet of paper, then find the noun and verb form of each in a dictionary. Students write both definitions of each word on their sheet of paper.

Students multiply fractions as they find the differences between lengths of shoes of various sizes in the Data Hunt activity. They answer questions as follows.

  • How much longer is a size-10 shoe than a size-51/2 shoe?
    Answer: 11/2 in. longer
  • Ana wears size 4 shoes that are 81/6 in. long. Her mother's shoes are 12/3 in. longer than Ana's. What is Ana's mother's shoe size?
    Answer: size 9
  • Robin wears size 10 shoes. Her sister Sharon's shoes are 1/3 in. shorter than Robin's. Their cousin Tasha's shoes are an inch shorter than Sharon's shoes. What size shoes do Sharon and Tasha wear?
    Answer: Sharon wears a size 9. Tasha wears a size 6.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 6