Weekly Reader Connections

Teacher Guide: Lesson 8.6

The Weekly Reader Connections feature on Kids' Place Houghton Mifflin Math provides your students with additional information about the topics that appear in the Curriculum Connection feature in their student books.

The article “Crumbling History: Will the Great Sphinx Crumble Like a Cookie?” seeks to make students aware of the environmental problems responsible for the erosion of Egypt's Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza.

If possible, have students refer to recent photographs of the Sphinx. Point out the parts of it that have been eroded, or worn away. The erosion was caused not only by the desert winds, as mentioned in the article, but also by the humidity, or moisture in the air, and smog from the nearby city of Cairo.

Silent letters are the focus of the Word Wise activity. In addition to the vocabulary word, “honor,” the other “h-” words listed that begin with a silent letter are “hour” and “honest.”

The Data Hunt activity provides students with a table of the Great Sphinx's measurements. Students should refer to the table and use their estimation and division skills to answer the following questions.

  1. About how many 5-foot-tall statues would you have to stack to match the height of the Great Sphinx?
    Answer: About 13 (Accept reasonable estimates)
  2. Suppose you have a truckload filled with 2-foot-wide boxes. About how many boxes could be placed side-by-side to represent the width of the body of the Great Sphinx?
    Answer: About 19 (accept reasonable estimates)
  3. Write a division word problem about the Great Sphinx. Use the facts in the chart. Trade questions with a partner and solve. (Questions will vary)

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