Weekly Reader Connections

Teacher Guide: Lesson 19.5

The Weekly Reader Connections feature on Kids' Place Houghton Mifflin Math provides your students with additional information about the topics that appear in the Curriculum Connection feature in their student books.

The article “Going Buggy!” introduces students to the fact that insects are eaten around the world. Point out that in some places insects may be one of the few readily available sources of protein.

After students read the article, have them do the Word Wise activity. Students will find a variety of words and expressions that are synonymous with the word EAT, which they write at the center of their word webs.

Synonyms for EAT include: chomp, grind, nibble, chew, gnaw, devour, feed, gobble up, pig out, swallow, scarf, and take in.

You may provide students with the Word Web (PDF file) worksheet to help them complete the Word Wise activity.

The Data Hunt activity offers an easy, no-bake recipe that students can make on their own. The recipe contains small quantities of ingredients, most notably honey, an “insect-made” product! Students answer simple questions that require them to compare, add, and subtract fractions with like denominators.

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