Weekly Reader Connections

Teacher Guide: Lesson 8.5

The Weekly Reader Connections feature on Kids' Place Houghton Mifflin Math provides children with additional information about the topics that appear in the Curriculum Connection feature in their student books.

The article “Sand Shapes” talks about the work of sand sculptors. Teams of people work together to build complex sand sculptures on beaches.

After children read the article, have them do the Word Wise activity. Encourage them to think of words for different kinds of art and artists. Answers may include: dancer, architect, and Web designer.

For the Data Hunt activity, provide children with blocks in the following shapes:

  • cube cube
  • square pyramid square pyramid
  • cylinder cylinder
  • rectangular prism rectangular prism
  • cone cone

The activity asks children to choose an everyday object, and use blocks to create a design for a sculpture of that object. Have children list how many of each shape they would need to create their sculpture.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 2