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Chapter 9

Part 1: Home and School Investigation

Send the Letter to Family (PDF file) home with each child. Once all of the children have brought in the piece of paper with the bedtime written on it, collect all of the slips of paper and put them in a bag. On the chalkboard or a flip chart, make a table that shows tallies for the different bedtimes.

Time We Go To Bed
Bedtime Tally Marks
6:00 PM  
7:00 PM  
8:00 PM  
9:00 PM  
10:00 PM  

Draw each piece of paper out of the bag and put a tally mark in the appropriate row. When you have finished, ask questions such as:

  • What time did most of the children in our class go to bed?
  • How many children went to bed at 8:00?
  • How many children went to bed at 9:00?

Part 2: Be an Investigator

A good time to do this investigation is after Lesson 8 on more time to the hour.


Introducing the Investigation

Tell children that they are going to keep a journal of what they are doing each hour during the day today. Tell them that you will stop them each hour. They will draw the hands on the clock to show the time and draw a picture of what they were doing at that time. You might want to set an alarm clock to go off each hour to remind you to do the activity.

Doing the Investigation

Each time you stop the children to record in their journal, talk about what the clock looks like at that time. Ask Where are the hands pointing on the clock? Having this discussion will help the children draw the hands on the clock.

At the end of the day, collect the pages from each child. These can be stapled together to make a Time Journal.

Extending the Investigation

Extend this investigation by sending Time Journal Worksheets home with the children so they can create a journal at home on a weekend day.

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