Math Investigations

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Chapter 5

Part 1: For the problem in the Teacher's Edition, page 106

Provide students with a copy of the Problem Worksheet (PDF file).

Since students will color in a grid with 100 squares, it will help them to solve this problem if they find equivalent fractions with a denominator of 100 for any fraction that does not have a denominator of 100, such as 9/25 = 36/100 and 7/50 = 14/100. The numerator of each fraction tells them how many squares on the grid to color in.


Part 2: Be an Investigator

A good time to do this investigation is after Lesson 4 on subtracting with unlike denominators.

Introducing the Investigation

Introduce the investigation by reading aloud the assignment at the top of the first page of the Description of Investigation and Student Report (PDF file), by having one of your students read aloud the assignment, or by having the students read the assignment individually.

Make sure that students understand how to read the graph by asking questions such as, What was the amount of rainfall on Monday? (13/4 inches)

Put students in groups of two to four to work on the investigation.

Doing the Investigation

Have students share their responses to the questions and how they found each response.


Jane's Question: The total rainfall for the week of March 10 was 15 inches.

Ed's Question: The most rainfall was on Tuesday and the least rainfall was on Friday. The difference in rainfall for the two days was 21/2 inches.

Lupe's Question: The amount of rainfall on Monday and Tuesday was 5 inches. The amount of rainfall on Saturday and Sunday was 43/4 inches. The amount of rainfall on Monday and Tuesday was greater than the amount of rainfall on Saturday and Sunday.

Student Report

The student report gives students an opportunity to communicate about mathematics by writing about what they have done.

Extending the Investigation

Have students make up other questions about the graph. Students can trade and answer each other's questions, pretending they are working for a weatherperson on television.

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