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Chapter 11

Part 1: For the activity in the Teacher's Edition, page 284

Students can practice their research skills by finding information about different careers, or you can provide them with the data sheet that shows information about careers found in the Activity Page (PDF file).

If the information provided is used, students can write questions asking for the hourly rate of pay for different jobs. To solve these problems students would take the daily rate and divide by eight.

If students are going to do their own research, it might be helpful to brainstorm with the class a list of the kinds of information they could look for that would be useful when writing division problems.

Ask students to write the answer to all of the problems they write.


Answers will vary.

Sample Question:
A photographer earns $80 a day. If that photographer works eight hours a day, how much does the photographer earn an hour? ($10 an hour)

Part 2: Be an Investigator

A good time to do this investigation is after Lesson 7 on dividing by seven.

Introducing the Investigation

Introduce the investigation by reading aloud the assignment at the top of the first page of the Description of Investigation and Student Report (PDF file), by having one of your students read aloud the assignment, or by having the students read the assignment individually.

Put students in groups of two to four students to work on the investigation.

Doing the Investigation

Students may need to review Chapter 6 Lesson 5 about pictographs on pages 162-163.

  • The clock symbol in the Hours Worked pictograph stands for 3 hours.
  • This is how I figured it out: Mio worked 12 hours and has 4 clock faces by her name. I divided 12 by 4 to find out how many hours the clock face stands for.
  • The sun symbol in the Days Worked pictograph stands for 4 days.
  • This is how I figured it out: The total number of sun symbols in the pictograph is 7. The total number of days worked is 28. I divided 28 by 7 to find out how many days the sun symbol stands for.

Student Report

The student report gives students an opportunity to show and explain what they have done.

Extending the Investigation

Find other pictographs and remove the key. Give students a clue such as the clues given in the exercises in this investigation. Ask them to figure out what the symbol in the pictograph stands for.

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