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Chapter 16

Part 1: Home and School Investigation

Send the Letter to Family (PDF file) home with each child. Once all the children have brought in the picture of the activity they did and the amount of time it took to do the activity, set up a place on the floor of the classroom where each child can put his or her paper. Have labels such as: 0 to 10 minutes, 11 minutes to 20 minutes, 21 minutes to 30 minutes, etc., up to 60 minutes. The children can put their papers above the appropriate labels, thus making a graph of the time it took to do the activities they did at home. Once the graph is made, ask questions, such as the following:

  • How many of us did activities that took between 21 and 30 minutes?
  • Which time span has the most activities in it?
  • Which time span has the fewest activities in it?

A good time to do this activity is after Lesson 5 on elapsed time.

Part 2: Be an Investigator

A good time to do this investigation is after Lesson 2 on time to the hour and half-hour.


Introducing the Investigation

Before introducing the investigation, cut a copy of the Investigator Worksheet into rectangles. There are 33 different times on the worksheet. You might want to take out some of the times so that there are the same number of pieces of paper with times on them as there are children in the class.

Say, You are going to make a picture book of what people do in our town (or city) during different times of the day. You will get a small piece of paper with a time on it and a piece of paper to color on. You should draw a picture of something that would be happening in our town during that time of the day. Then, glue the piece of paper that gives the time onto your drawing. We'll put all of these drawings together to make a book that shows a day in the life of our town.

Doing the Investigation

When the children are finished, put all the drawings together in chronological order to make a book that illustrates a day in your town. Go through the book with the children, letting each child describe his or her drawing.

Extending the Investigation

Have the children write or tell stories about what a day would be like if there were no clocks to keep track of the time.

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