Math Investigations

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Chapter 17

Part 1: Home and School Investigation

Send the Letter to Family (PDF file) home with each child. Once each child has brought in a picture of the objects he or she compared, put the children in pairs and have them share their pictures with each other. A good time to do this activity is after Lesson 1 on comparing and ordering lengths.

Part 2: Be an Investigator

A good time to do this investigation is after Lesson 3 on inches.


  • rulers
  • crayons

Introducing the Investigation

Show children a ruler and ask them what objects in the room they might measure with the ruler. They might suggest measuring such things as the length of a book, the length of a pencil, and the height of a desk. Then put the children in pairs so they can help each other measure three objects. Tell them to draw a picture of each object and write the measurement next to it.

Doing the Investigation

Observe children as they measure, and make sure that they are using the ruler correctly. Make sure that they put the zero mark of the ruler next to one of the ends of the object they are measuring and that they are counting the inch units correctly.

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