Math Background

Identify, Sort, Classify: Tips and Tricks

  • Gather together small items, such as shells, keys, buttons, crayons, colored paper clips, bottle caps, stamps, small toys, tiles, and so on. Your children can practice sorting and classifying different kinds of objects. Encourage the children to help you build your classroom collections by bringing things in from home.
  • Storage is one of the greatest problems when working with collections. Dishpans on shelves make great places to put your collections, and the dishpans are easily available to the children.
  • Make some attribute items, such as picture cards with familiar objects on them, animal cards, toy cards, cards with different shapes, sets of four cards with three identical pictures and one different picture, color cards, faces on shapes, and so on. Then laminate them.
  • Have an inventory day periodically. Have children sort and count the collections. They can also help you sort pencils, crayons, blocks, colored paper, and so on.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade K