Math Background

Place Value to 1,000: When Students Ask

  • Why should I learn this?
    Encourage children to see that they will need to write greater numbers to express amounts of money and greater quantities of items.
  • If I hear a number without seeing it, how do I know what to write?
    Give children practice with this skill. Remind children that they must listen carefully to hear a number correctly. If they hear that the number is some hundred, they will have three numbers, just as their mat has.
  • Why can't I put the numbers in any order?
    It is important to emphasize the order of the numbers. Use lots of examples. For instance, write 285 on the chalkboard. Ask children if they would rather have 285 stickers or 852 stickers. Point out how important it is to listen to and write the order of numbers correctly.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 2