Math Background

Multiplication and Division: Tips and Tricks

  • Have the class find the total number of shoes being worn by a small group of children. Encourage some children to draw an array to solve the problem. Have other children use repeated addition to find the answer.
  • Once children have grasped the initial concept of multiplication, introduce money amounts under 10 cents. Then have children find the cost of 2, 5, or 10 of various items.
  • Encourage the use of grid paper to create multiplication arrays. It is a useful aid for those children having difficulty visualizing the basic facts.
  • Urge children to create short rhymes for those multiplication facts they find hard to remember. Write the rhymes on posters to share with the class. For example, “Two times four is eight; close the garden gate.”
  • Urge children to check their answers by using repeated addition. This not only reinforces the use of another operation, but also provides additional practice in number facts.
  • Create a classroom display of items that illustrate multiplication. For example, an egg carton shows a 2 x 6 array. Some cookie packages have plastic inserts that show 2 x 10 arrays. Write the corresponding multiplication fact on an index card in front of the item.
  • Have children create their own word stories for their favorite multiplication fact. Display or post them around the classroom.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 2