Math Background

Adding and Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers and Money Amounts: Tips and Tricks

  • To help children identify the addends in addition exercises, write several vertical addition exercises on the chalkboard. Have volunteers circle the addends. Remind them that the addends are always above the line in vertical addition. Advise children that in horizontal addition, the addends are always on the same side of the equals sign as the addition symbol. It may also help children to identify the addends if they remember that the addends will always be lesser numbers than the sum.
  • Put an addition or subtraction example on the chalkboard each morning. Ask children to make up a problem using the example. Have children trade problems and solve them.
  • Children must know addition and subtraction facts to be successful in their math studies. Provide time at the end of the day when flash cards, fact “bingo,” or other fact-review games can be used to help them master the basic facts. For children who have difficulty adding and subtracting, provide base-ten blocks until they are comfortable working only with paper and pencil.
  • Once children have learned some methods for adding and subtracting, have them tell the method they used to find the answer for several practice exercises. Then have them explain why they chose that method.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 1