Math Background

Lesson: Compare Whole Numbers to 100
Introducing the Concept

Comparing numbers that are greater than and less than are important skills for children.

Materials: number cards 0 – 10

Preparation: Place the number cards on a table.

Prerequisite Skills and Concepts: Children should be able to count and write numbers 0 – 10 and should be familiar with ordering numbers 0 – 10.

  • Say: Today we are going to work with numbers that are greater than and less than other numbers.
  • Ask: Would someone come up and choose a number card and put it in the chalk tray? Now would someone else like to choose another number card and place it next to the first number?
  • Say: Let's all look at that number.(Point to the second number chosen.)
  • Ask: How many of you think that this number is greater than the first number? How many think that it is less than the first number? How do you know?
    Elicit from children the correct answer and whether the number is less than the first number or more than the first number.
  • Continue having children compare numbers and decide which number is greater than or less than the other number.
  • Continue this activity until children have an understanding of greater than and less than.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 1