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Useful Web sites

Standardized Test Preparation
The Chicago Public Schools' comprehensive site explains test-taking strategies, gives an overview of the research behind the strategies, and provides suggestions for how to teach them. It also has a section about test anxiety and an overview of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills organized by content areas.

Creative Classroom Online—Tough to Teach
This attractive site reviews three test-taking strategies and ways to reinforce them in the classroom. The resource page links to sites with information about national tests, state standards, and state testing performance. It also includes a printable letter to parents.

Helping Children Succeed in School—Test Taking
This site gives suggestions about how to study and prepare for non-standardized classroom tests. It includes information for the length of time children at various grade levels can be expected to spend on a study session.

Improving Your Objective Test-Taking Skills
While this site contains many of the same tips as other sites, it presents them in a step-by-step approach that can be used when actually taking a test. This site also includes specific tips for answering multiple-choice and true/false questions.

What Should Parents Know About Standardized Testing in Schools?
Using a question and answer format, this site provides general information for parents about the purpose and use of standardized tests.

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