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Useful Web sites

Standardized Test Preparation
The Chicago Public Schools' comprehensive site explains test-taking strategies, gives an overview of the research behind the strategies, and provides suggestions for how to teach them. It also has a section about test anxiety and an overview of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills organized by content areas.

Helping Children Succeed in School—Test Taking
This site gives suggestions about how to study and prepare for non-standardized classroom tests. It includes information for the length of time children at various grade levels can be expected to spend on a study session.

Improving Your Objective Test-Taking Skills
While this site contains many of the same tips as other sites, it presents them in a step-by-step approach that can be used when actually taking a test. This site also includes specific tips for answering multiple-choice and true/false questions.

What Should Parents Know About Standardized Testing in Schools?
Using a question and answer format, this site provides general information for parents about the purpose and use of standardized tests.

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