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Linear Equations

  • You may want to tell students to think of the y-axis as the start of a skateboard course. The direction and steepness of lines as they cross the y axis indicate what kind of ride they'll have. A line with positive slope will be a workout, because they'll have to work their way uphill. A line with negative slope will be a free ride, because they're heading downhill.

  • Remind students about all the ways you can indicate multiplication (2x, 2 times x and 2(x)) and division (x 2, x/2, and 1/2 x) because they'll probably encounter them all as they work through various linear equations. Encourage them to stay away from the multiplication symbol times because it can easily be confused with a variable.

  • You may want to share the slang expression for slope: rise over run. Rise, in this case, means change along the y axis, while run means change along the x axis.
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