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Tips and Tricks

Writing and Solving One-Step
Linear Equations In One Variable

  • Make sure students know the three important ideas for solving linear equations: (1) get the variable onto one side by itself; (2) use the inverse operation to undo what was done to the variable; and (3) make sure the equation is kept in balance by doing the same thing to both sides of the equation.

  • When solving word problems using equations, be sure students write down what the variable represents.

  • Be sure students check their answers in the equation to see if the answer makes a true statement.

  • Have students properly label their answers. Most answers will require a label if the answer is for a word problem.

  • Constantly remind students that addition and subtraction are inverse operations and that multiplication and division are inverse operations.

  • When solving word problems, be sure to emphasize the four-step process.

  • Give students an equation like y – 6 = 19 and ask them to write a word problem that could be solved by solving the equation. Reversing the process is a good way to help your students gain understanding of word problems.

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