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Tips and Tricks

Graphing Integers

  • Make sure you have grid paper and rulers or straight edges for your students to use.

  • Continually stress the importance of the order of the numbers in an ordered pair. The ordered pair (2, –1) is not the same as the ordered pair (–1, 2). The ordered pair (2, –1) is in quadrant IV and the ordered pair (–1, 2) is in quadrant II.

  • Use overhead transparencies of grids or large grid paper to demonstrate the plotting of points. Placing points and lines accurately on a chalkboard without a grid is very difficult and can be misleading to students.

  • It is important that your students recognize that an equation, its table of values, and the graph of the equation are different representations of the same linear function.

  • Accurate graphing requires time and concentration. Provide ample time for students to practice the skill of graphing, both in and out of class.

  • When developing a deep understanding of a concept, it is a good idea to approach it from different directions. In the case of plotting points on the coordinate plane, students should be able to plot a point given its coordinates, and they should be able to give the coordinates of a point which has been graphed.
    Ordered Pairs
    Graphing Linear Equations

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