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When Students Ask

Functional Relationships

  • Why should I bother learning this?
    This is an excellent opportunity to provide examples of the importance of being a savvy consumer. For example, a store advertises a large package of CDs for $40. This might seem like a great deal since there are 8 CDs in the package. But take a closer look at the price of a small package of CDs. It costs $12 and has 3 CDs. In the large package, each CD would cost you $5, while each CD only costs you $4 in the small package. The small package is actually a better deal than the large package!

  • Are sale prices always the best prices?
    As students gain more experience with unit pricing and multiple-unit pricing in grade 4, they will better be able to judge the validity of "sale prices". Even at this level, you can offer students the opportunity to judge prices; for example: "The regular price of stickers is $10 for 5 stickers. The sale price is $10 for 10 stickers. Is the sale price a better deal?"

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