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Introducing the Concept

Order Whole Numbers to 100

Materials: number cards 0 - 20

Preparation: Prepare a large class set and individual sets of cards numbered from 0 - 20.

Prerequisite Skills and Concepts: Children should be able to count from 1 - 10. They should also understand order.

Place all of the number cards on the floor in random order.

  • Ask: Can we tell if a number is missing?
    Elicit from children that it is hard to see if a number is missing when the numbers are mixed up.

  • Ask: Can you suggest a way that we might find out if a number is missing?
    Lead children to respond that they could put the numbers in order to find out if a number is missing.

  • Repeat the activity again, this time removing a number.

  • Ask: Is a number missing?
    Encourage the children to put the cards in order and identify the missing number.

  • Say: Now we are going work in pairs (groups) to put the numbers in order.

  • Break children into pairs or small groups. Give each pair or group a set of number cards and have them spread them out randomly on the table. Then have children take turns putting the cards in order.

  • As you circulate, ask questions such as, "How do you know where that number goes?" "Did you count from the beginning?" "Did you count backward?"
    Compare Whole Numbers to 100

    Order Whole Numbers to 100

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