Present Hunt

Math Activity

In this game, children will move around a gameboard by spinning a spinner and moving to the next place on the board whose shape matches the one they spun.



  1. Discuss three-dimensional shapes using examples in the room. Display examples of cubes, rectangular solids, and cylinders and have children describe their attributes. Draw or show two-dimensional pictures of each of these solid shapes. Help children match each picture with the shape that it represents. Discuss how the picture and the solid match. Display the spinner. Have children identify the shapes shown.

  2. Give pairs of children copies of the game board and the spinner. Demonstrate how to use a pencil and a paper clip to create a pointer for the spinner. Explain that children will take turns with their partners in spinning the spinner and moving to the next space on the game board that shows the same shape. Children should name the shape each time if they can.

  3. Partners should help to check each others' moves for accuracy. The game ends when both players reach the end. Children can play again in small groups, or bring the game home to play with family members.


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