How Many Seeds?

Math/Art Activity

In this activity, children will write numbers on apples, and then show their understanding of the number's value by putting the corresponding number of seeds on each apple.



  1. Write a number 1-6 on the chalkboard, or point to a number on the Counting Tape. Ask a volunteer to tell what the number is. Then ask another volunteer to show what the number means with objects he or she places on a table, or with dots on the chalkboard. Repeat with one or two more numbers. Then ask children to count with you from 1 to 10. As you count, write the numbers in order on the chalkboard, or point to the numbers on the Counting Tape.

  2. Display an apple cut in half, to show the seeds inside. Tell children that they are going to make pictures of apples that show different numbers of seeds.

  3. Distribute seeds and glue and give children the apple shape with one dot on it. Have children glue a seed onto the dot. Then ask, How many seeds is that? Assist children in tracing the number 1 on the apple. Continue with the remaining apple shapes.

  4. Have children decorate their apples with leaves, stems, and red skin if they wish. Then have the class count aloud while they line up their apples in numerical order. Have them create number books by stapling the pages together, or attaching them with yarn, in order. Children can read these books to each other and bring them home to share with their families.


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