Block Designs

Math/Language Arts Activity

In this activity, children will cover a picture with the correct pattern blocks and then sort the blocks into groups of the same shape. Children will then make statements about the patterns blocks using comparison words. (The use of color names and shape names may also be included in the statements.)



  1. Distribute hexagon, square, and triangle pattern blocks to each child (at least 10 of each shape). Name the three shapes and draw them on the board. Children should find one of each in their piles.

  2. Pass out Block Designs, Flower. Have the children use as many of each type of shape as they need to cover up the flower. They should move extra blocks off to one side.

  3. Pass out Block Designs, Sorting Board. Children are to sort the blocks they used to complete the flower picture into the proper places on the sorting board.

  4. Ask children to make statements about the blocks. Provide an example to help them begin, such as "Triangles are used the most in making the flower picture." Encourage use of comparison words and shape names (and color names if appropriate).


You might want children to use pattern blocks to create their own picture or design. Then they can team up with a partner to sort the pattern blocks used onto the sorting board. Partners can take turns making statements about the number of blocks used.

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